Android users may soon be able to access Apple TV

News Summary:

  • But if you’re looking to stream or download Severance on the go, there might be good news for the future. According to Apple informant ShrimpApplePro, the company is finally working to bring its own streaming service to his Android. Apple TV+ has a growing collection of original shows and movies, including acclaimed series like For All Mankind, Ted Lasso, and the aforementioned Severance.

  • These days, you probably only watch a handful of TV shows on physical TV. The age of streaming has brought an unprecedented level of flexibility to the entire entertainment sector, allowing us to update our phones, tablets, or basically any gadget that fits in a backpack… There’s only one problem. Without a dedicated app, many users are less likely to watch. The Play Store hosts most of the must-haves these days.

Despite winning an Emmy Award and winning Best Picture at CODA, Android users weren’t able to get a dedicated phone or tablet app. Previously, the arrival of the app on Android TV devices in the summer of 2021 seems to lend some credence to this report. Apple knows the Play Store well too. In addition to his iOS migration app for moving from Android.

The company also allows music subscribers to listen to their entire library on his Google platform. Currently, to watch his original Apple content on Android, you have to use his website. It works well enough for local playback, but is a bit clumsy compared to the native application and has no casting support at all.