Android and Google Nest devices are now supported by Matter

News Summary:

  • The bottom line is that if you see a Matter mark on one device, that device will work fine with all other devices that have it. So, if you have one of these devices in your home, you’re ready to start expanding your Matter-qualified device range. Connecting these will also be easier than ever since Google has enabled Fast Pair for each of them with this update. Fast Pair essentially lets you add new smart gadgets to your Google Home – or any other smart app – as easily as pairing your headphones for the first time. Once connected, switching between different apps and ecosystems is much faster and easier.

  • If you’ve been eyeing a Google Nest device but are hesitant to buy it because you haven’t had time to check if it’s compatible with your current smart setup, we have Good news for you: Google Nest now supports the issue. Wait, the problem? What’s that? Well, Matter is a platform that acts as an equalizer across all your Smart Home devices. Whatever the brand, Matter helps them speak a common language, so you can set them up and control them easily. The goal of the platform is to make smart home technology more accessible and easier to manufacture.

Finally, Google also announced a new partnership with Samsung that allows all of your Matter-branded Google Nest and Samsung Smart Stuff devices to be controlled from either Google Home or the Samsung app. Smart devices in the Google Nest lineup are automatically updated, so you don’t have to travel to get that latest update. If your hub is one of the ones listed above, then you can start looking for a new smart device with the Matter brand.