Android 13 Go brings a slew of new features to budget smartphones

News Summary:


  • Google continues its mission to bring affordable phones to market, and to that end, it has announced the latest Android 13 Go version. Google first introduced the Go Edition, which was seen as a more polished strategy than Android One ever was. In its fifth year, Google brings the Android 13 Go edition that promises to run on phones with little RAM and storage, thanks to the streamlined apps available on the platform.

The Go edition picks up the interface design from the regular Android 13 version. Google will now offer Play System Updates for the Go devices, allowing other apps to be updated beyond the routine software updates Google issues.

This interface allows you to sync the theme running on the phone with the color palette, which can be selected manually. In addition, Android 13 Go Edition now offers notification permissions and app language settings, allowing you to choose the language for each app separately.

The Go Edition also gets the Google Discover feed for the first time, along with the Material You design interface, which until now has been kept for regular Android phones.

Earlier this year, Google reported that all phones require a minimum of 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage to run Android, and presumably, the new Go Edition will follow this principle.

So, when will we see phones with the Android 13 Go Edition on the market? Google says the devices will arrive in 2023. Google also claims that 250 million monthly active devices are running on the Android Go edition without mentioning which markets have picked up the devices. Either way, we expect the Android 13 Go edition-powered phones to launch in India for less than Rs. 10,000 and compete with other budget phones.