Alarm! Your iPhones and iPads are vulnerable now; Get the free upgrade to iOS 16.2 NOW!

News Summary:

  • CERT-In issued a high-risk advisory stating that the vulnerability, named “CIAD-2022-0032”, affects firmware prior to iOS 16.2 and iPadOS prior to 16.2. The cybersecurity watchdog also released a list of affected devices, including Apple’s iPhones. 8 or later, all iPad Pro models, iPad Air 3rd generation or later, iPad 5th generation or later, and iPad mini 5th generation or later. This affects all iPhones running iOS prior to 15.7.

  • If you are an iPhone or iPad user, your data may be more at risk! So stop what you’re doing and get the iOS 16.2 update. Hackers often have a hard time hacking iPhones and iPads. Apple devices are notoriously secure. However, the recent discovery of several vulnerabilities puts your iPhone and iPad at risk. India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has reported that they have identified vulnerabilities in iOS and iPadOS. 

Most older iPhones, including the iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, and iPhone SE, support iOS 15, putting millions of devices worldwide at high risk. The vulnerabilities exist in various components of iOS and iPad operating systems, such as AppleMobileFileIntegrity, CoreServices, GPU Drivers, Graphics Driver, Photos, Preferences, Software Update, iTunes Store, and more.

execute arbitrary code, tamper with the user interface, gain elevated privileges, drop through security controls or denial of service terms on the target system”. CERT-In warned users that the vulnerabilities were in fact exploited by hackers. Users should use emergency software patches. Apple regularly releases updates that bring new features to the public and improve security controls and fix vulnerabilities.

According to the official statement, “Several vulnerabilities have been reported in Apple iOS and iPadOS that could allow remote attackers to access sensitive information, execute arbitrary code, tamper with the user interface, etc, gain elevated privileges, pass security checks, or cause denial of service. target system conditions. He added: “Successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to access sensitive information.

So, if you are using the same firmware as listed above, you should immediately update your iPhone or iPad to the latest software version. For iPhones, the latest software version is iOS 16.2, while iPad owners can update their devices to iPadOS 16.2.