According to a survey, Americans are using Apple AirTags to monitor loved ones with dementia

News Summary:

  • And despite all the advances in medicine and care, many fail to monitor dementia patients and provide them with full security. This has now led to a new and emerging trend among families of dementia patients in the United States. According to a new report, many families in the U.S. are now using Apple AirTags to track and protect their loved ones with dementia.

  • Dementia is a disease that requires a high level of care and monitoring, as it involves a wide range of psychological and physical problems. Relatives of dementia patients must be very efficient and skillful in their care or hire professional caregivers who are available around the clock.

AirTag, a tracking device developed by Apple, acts as a key finder that helps people find personal items such as keys, bags, clothing, small electronic devices and even vehicles. To retrieve lost items, AirTag uses Apple’s crowd-sourced Find My Network. Although the device is quite useful in tracking household items, it has been called a “gift for stalkers.” But that’s a topic for another story.

AirTags, on the other hand, is easier to use. It easily attaches to belt loops on pants, wallets or a keychain. AirTags can be activated using the Find My app. Any Apple phone user can make the AirTag play a sound with a few taps.

According to a new report in the Wall Street Journal, many families in the U.S. are attaching the small tracking device to their beloved loved ones who frequently leave or disappear from the house due to their condition. These caregivers now rely on Apple AirTags as an imperfect solution to track elderly family members. A similar type of tracking can also be done by most GPS-equipped phones. However, there is always the risk of dementia patients running off without their phones.

However, AirTags are not satnavs. Unlike other apps that provide accurate location information in real time, AirTags can only be located on a map within the Find My app using Bluetooth signals. Accuracy and range can also be an issue. If the tag is attached to a person too far away from the iPhone, the user may not be able to locate the person, according to the Wall Street Journal. Despite these limitations, many people like Michelle Hirschböck use the device to track their loved ones.