A report claims Apple’s self-driving car won’t be ready until 2026

News Summary:

  • Known internally as “Project Titan,” Apple’s self-driving car venture has been running for nearly a decade. But executives are beginning to realize that the technology doesn’t yet exist to achieve what they wanted to build. The company consistently narrows its targets and limits Titan’s scope. Kevin Lynch, who was in charge of the “Special Projects Group” working on the Apple Car last year and is also responsible for the Apple Watch OS and Health Software, said he wanted to make sure Apple could deliver a product closer to its original schedule.

  • According to Mark Gurman, Apple has delayed the planned launch date of its self-driving electric vehicle (EV) by about a year, planning to launch it in 2026. Gurman, a well-known tipster on all things Apple, also said the tech giant is curbing ambitions for its first car after years of instability within its development team. Told. Apple originally wanted to create a self-driving car with “level 5” autonomy, without a steering wheel or pedals. However, the company is now reportedly settling on a design that includes the steering wheel and pedals and only supports fully autonomous driving on highways.

With electric vehicle adoption rapidly reaching critical mass around the world, it’s no wonder Apple wants to get into the market before it hits saturation. According to the company’s redefined plans, the Apple Car will allow drivers to do other things on the highway, like watching movies or playing games, while the vehicle drives autonomously to When entering an urban road or facing bad weather, the car warns the driver to switch to manual control. Sources say Apple is in talks to roll out the feature in North America first, with plans to expand it over time.

Apple’s Project Titan team has become something of a revolving door for executives and engineers in recent months, often losing key members and adding new ones. Lynch now wants to push the project toward stability and focus on more practical goals.