2 Persona titles are now available on Game Pass

News Summary:

  • High on Life is a first-person shooter game with Metroidvania elements created by Justin Roiland and his Squanch Games. Has a sharp sense of humor that is sure to appeal to fans of Roiland’s Rick and Morty show. But with High on Life joining the Xbox Game Pass franchise next week, there are some new additions for fans to check out in the meantime. Starting today, two more games will be available through Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play LEGO Star Wars here. Skywalker Saga on subscription.

  • Microsoft has once again updated the selection of games available through the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. This gives subscribers a chance to try one of the most popular games from earlier this year, as well as an all-new first-day release. Xbox Game Pass subscribers should have a lot to look forward to as Microsoft prepares to add several day-one games to the service this month. Perhaps the most notable new game coming to Xbox Game Pass this month is High on Life, coming to the service on December 13th.

Lego Star Wars was released earlier this year to mostly positive reviews and strong sales. Skywalker Saga allows players to relive the entire Star Wars movie timeline in his LEGO form. There’s also Hello Neighbor 2, which debuts as a day-one release on Xbox Game Pass.