How to turn on Night Shift on Mac

The night shift is a non-mandatory function that warms up the color palette of a tool display, particularly late in the day. It is believed that a cooler (bluer) synthetic material on a screen can affect an individual’s circadian rhythm and disrupt his sleep, and Night Shift is designed to prevent that.

Night Shift was first made available on the iPhone and iPad as part of the iOS 9.3 replacement, however it was added to macOS. In this article, we clarified how to use Night Shift on Mac. See also: Best sleep apps for iPhone

If you need to see how this compares to the associated Apple displayed applied sciences, see True Tone vs Night Shift.

Upgrade your Mac

The Night Shift was added as part of the Sierra replacement, so you can use this or a later model of macOS. See how to replace macOS on a Mac.

Activate night shift manually

If at any time you decide that your Mac screen empties you or tires your eyes, you are in the mood to take a nap and many more. You can enable Night Shift mode manually. This can be very simple to do.

Message medium

Open the Notification Center sidebar (if it’s not already open) by clicking the 3-dot, 3-line icon at the appropriate top of your Mac screen or swiping to the left on the trackpad.

Scroll up a little and 2 switches – Night shift and Do not disturb – will appear above the date (in case you are in the Today screen) or in the final notification (in the case of notifications). Click on the night shift change; turns blue, while all views are changed to a warmer color palette.


This is probably the fastest methodology of all. Click on the Siri icon inside the appropriate high corner and say: “Activate the night shift”.

To deactivate it again, click the night shift toggle button on the Siri panel or activate Siri again and say, “Deactivate the night shift”.

System Preferences

Open System Preferences> Monitors and click on the most appropriate part of the Night Shift tab. In Manual, check the field that says “Call until tomorrow”.

Schedule the night shift routinely

In general, we can say that it is much better to set the night shift to routinely stick to a schedule – in any other case, you will rely on considering your sleep hygiene sooner or later during the day.

First, go to System Preferences> Monitors and click the Night Shift tab. From the drop-down menu, you can select the Sunset until sunrise option or create your customized schedule. Fill in the From and To fields and the Night Shift will be routinely activated between these occasions.

Adjust color change

In the identical part of the System Preferences (Monitors> Night Shift), you can adjust how radical the Night Shift will change the color of your monitor. Use the “Color temperature” slider to suit your preferences.

As long as you hold down the mouse button to transfer the slider, the screen changes the color to provide a preview; as soon as you start it, it will slowly disappear back to the default setting for now, either on the night shift or in its typical color regularity.