How to make an iPhone hologram projector

IPhones can do many spectacular problems. They manage our lives, take stunning photos, and with Homekit, they now even work with gadgets in our home areas. Another interesting factor to add to the checklist is that of a holographic projector, albeit with just a little help from a plastic pyramid created by you. So, if you need to see ghostly figures (pleasantly, teapots in this case), float gently over the screen, all you want is free time and an old CD hood.

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How to make a hologram projector for iPhone: what you need

To create your individual hologram pyramid, you will need paper, pen, ruler, sharp craft or Stanley knife, previous CD cover and tape. This mission includes a good number of plastic reducers, so we additionally advocate some form of robust floor to work in the place that you don’t think to scratch. For this tutorial, we use a tray.

How to Make a Hologram Projector for iPhone: Making the Pyramid

Take your pen and draw a short line in the middle of the paper. Then use this because the central round level on which you draw an isosceles trapezoid. Don’t be afraid, we had to look too. Basically, it is a tall, flat pyramid. Make the bottom 6 cm wide and the tip 1 cm with the 2 sides 5 cm. See the figure below.

Now remove the transparent part of the CD cover, place the template underneath and replicate it in the plastic.

Use this template to minimize the form. We advocate using the sharpest knife possible. During our development, we only had a slightly uninteresting blade that made it problematic and was slightly worn in the finish. Avoid identical mistakes and your mission should be more organized and simple, and there may be even less dirty language involved.

Repeat the method until you get 4 equivalent items.

Organize them as you see in the image above and use small amounts of transparent tape to collectively protect them. It is best to make a small hole between items so that the tape is not too tight. Try to connect them to the bottom and top, as this can keep the medium free from obstructions when viewing the hologram.

When finished, connect the end edges collectively so that the pyramid can have only the smallest finish.

Download now one of the many free 3D hologram projector apps available on your iPhone’s App Store.

Launch the app, place the pyramid on the screen, turn off the lights and you will see a ghost teapot, a space shuttle or it doesn’t matter if you downloaded it floating gracefully above the screen.