How to close apps on an iPhone XS

The X series IPhones – the X, XS, XS Max and XR – do not have the Home button, forcing owners to reevaluate what they thought they knew about how an iPhone works. The Home button was instrumental in many features, from activating Siri and taking screenshots to, well, going back to the home screen.

In this tutorial, we clarify how to close applications on an iPhone XS or another iPhone and without using the Home button. For the rest, check out our article on using the iPhone XS.

Display the application switcher

On iPhones with Home buttons, double-click this button to open the app switcher: a useful swipeable carousel that shows recently cached screens of your currently open apps, so you can simply jump or close used apps. You do this differently on iPhone X and XS.

Swipe up at the bottom of the screen – from the small line that indicates where the XS ‘digital space button’ can be accessed. Swiping up and releasing will take you to the home screen, so as an alternative, swipe up and keep your finger on the screen. The application switcher screen looks like.

The application you are currently using – or the end of using – is central. Swipe your finger to see the apps that were getting longer until you find the 1 you need to close.

Close the application (s)

All you want to do now – for the reason that the course was gracefully simplified on iOS 12 – is to quickly swipe the app you need to close so that it disappears from the top of the screen. Hey presto, closed application.

To exit the application switcher, you can choose one of the many applications by tapping the thumbnail or anywhere else on the screen to return to the previous screen. That was straightforward, wasn’t it?

iOS 11

However, you probably have an iPhone X that also uses iOS 11, and you want to insert an additional step. Press and hold anywhere on the application switcher screen and after a while, a small red circle with a minus sign will appear inside the upper left corner of each application. You are really in close application mode.

From here, you can swipe to an app to close it or transform the crimson circle.

Obviously, it may be simpler to simply replace iOS 12, which has several new options, which you will enjoy and only a few disadvantages. The latest app closing technique also applies to iOS 13, which you will download from September 2019 (or earlier, if you’re ready to use the beta version) – and that includes even more new options, such as Dark Mode.