How To Backup your iPhone without using iTunes

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Your iPhone undoubtedly includes a number of valuable files, such as photos, messages, wellness files, documentation for device settings, settings and more. If you assume everything and the time it took to put it there and get it excellent. But it also means that you will conflict instantly if your iPhone is lost, stolen, badly broken or simply damaged. Even in these cases, every time you switch to a new iPhone or upgrade the newer iOS, you undoubtedly have files that you would not want to lose. Therefore, you have no excuse for not backing up your iPhone because it offers you, plus 1 safe guard, for your iPhone.

The downside is that backing up your iPhone is often a chore. The 5 GB of free space of ICloud will not go anywhere in a period of iPhones of 64 GB and 128 GB; so in case you want more, you may need to pay for it. And with iTunes, you don’t have the same space limitations. But you can get confused with your annoying and complex iPhone backup steps, which at the same time suffer the opportunity to eliminate outdated iPhone backups. Wouldn’t it be nice if you just backed up your iPhone without iTunes – all that big, hard-to-replace media data – and all the belongings you didn’t leave behind?

Well, there is a way to go. This is MacX MediaTrans, an alternative for thousands and thousands, with the goal of backing up iPhone data on the Mac computer with all these photos, movies, music, ringtones, iBooks, VoiceMemos, iTunes U and so on. easily, quickly and without problems. In addition, this iPhone supervisor is provided with the automatic audio conversion function, which makes it a good suggestion to send ringtones to iPhone or to backup iPhone ringtones for Mac without formatting points. This is not the whole story. In addition, the Music Manager part allows you to cut music tracks to create iPhone ringtones with just a click of the mouse. Honestly, when you use it, you may not need to go back to the outdated means of creating iPhone backups again.

How to backup iPhone without iTunes on Mac (Mac OS X 10.7 – 10.12)
Backing up all of this big multimedia data would not have to be a chore or a problem. Download and launch MacX MediaTransand and you will run the iPhone backup mission in 6 simple steps.

1. Start and participate
After starting this iPhone backup program, connect your iPhone (iPhone 7 / 6s / 6 / Plus / SE / 5s) to your Mac using the conventional USB cable. You may also be asked to add your Mac as a trusted computer and change the desire in iTunes to avoid spilling iPhone files. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

2. Back up iPhone photos (not from iTunes)
Now click on the Photo Transfer button. You will see photos on your iPhone organized by location, on the left, and then grouped by day / month / year, of the best. To retrieve all of this data again, click the Select all for thumbnails field and click the Export button positioned instantly above it.

After backing up your iPhone photos to your Mac computer, you can even choose to copy your iPhone photos from your Mac to the external hard drive for backup. The complete course of the image exchange takes place in seconds.

3. Back up your iPhone music on your Mac
To back up iPhone music as a replacement for photos, you want to return to the main interface first. Click the Back button in the upper left corner and click the Music Manager button. You will see all the tracks on your iPhone in the list and select them individually or click on the Select all checkbox. Now click on the Export button and this iTunes will start transferring music from iPhone to Mac.

You can achieve advanced iPhone ringtone creation by backing up music from iPhone to Mac. You can create your personal iPhone ringtones by cutting and enhancing waveforms and routinely converting music to iPhone ringtone data.

4. Back up iPhone ringtones and voice without iTunes
Go back to the main window and click the Voice and tap button to open the backup portion of the iPhone ringtone. Select iPhone ringtones, press the Export button, and this iPhone administration software will be quick to back up iPhone ringtones on your Mac computer. This feature allows you to back up your entire iPhone voice on your Mac computer, along with iPhone VoiceMemos, iTunes U or Podcast.

Back up iPhone movies in seconds
Press the Back button again if you want to back up your iPhone movies this time. And then click on the Video button. You can browse the various iPhone video types on the left and then choose the data individually or click Select All, as you did previously. Click Export and all of your video data will likely be copied from your iPhone to your Mac in seconds.

6. Back up your iPhone iBooks on the MacE book iMac
Find and go to the guide part of the consumer interface. Choose iBooks or audiobooks, then press the Export button on the left side of the menu. Seconds later, the iPhone iBooks will likely be transferred to your Mac computer with PDF, TXT and HTML output codecs for selection.

Do more with MacX MediaTrans
Obviously, this iPhone exchange software would not stop there. The Music Manager can be used to add music from your Mac to your iPhone and duplicate data from any folder, not just those in your iTunes library. While there, you can create new playlists, edit monitor information, create iPhone ringtones, or delete unnecessary music from your phone – a good suggestion if you have an album type that is half-killer, half-full.

Video software is a good way to change your favorite space movies, movies and TV shows from Mac to iPhone. It’s not just a pleasure to copy data that iTunes doesn’t have, to get it from any folder and in almost any massive format; however, it should routinely convert them into the ideal format for iPhone playback, appropriate decision and even the aspect ratio change as needed.

In addition, the iPhone data switch is updated with a new DRM deletion operation model, which does not guarantee just an easy and quick backup of iTunes data without iTunes logins; however, it decrypts music, audiobooks or movies purchased from the iTunes Store between iPhone and Mac. Play in fact that these transfers are so fast and can save you a lot of effort and time. This is something you can admire if you back up your iPhone without the help of iTunes.

Finally, MacX MediaTrans has one more trick up its sleeve. Connect your iPhone and you will use it as a USB stick, just drag and drop data on your Mac. It is certain that the data will be exchanged quickly between Macs and MacBooks, as long as each one has this backup software for iPhone installed.

Backing up your iPhone before upgrading to iOS 10 is always a wise transfer; however, iTunes and iCloud didn’t always make it fast or straightforward. MacX MediaTrans does each and more as one of the best diverse iTunes. If you need these various iTunes apps to handle iPhone and iPad content on your Mac, just click the link to download the free MacX Mediatrans trial model. Please note that the free model allows only 30 songs / photos / albums and 10 films are transferred day after day. To remove the restriction from the monitor, you can assemble and upgrade the complete MacX MediaTrans model ($ 29.95 for a lifetime license). The value is on sale for a limited time, in addition, they offer a 30-day refund to ensure that potential customers are fully satisfied with the product.

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