Best Android Apps of This Week You Shouldn’t Miss!

Update – 2020.08.04

Best Android apps for this week – Hello Compsmag readers! ? Summer is generally slow for technology. People are outside enjoying the sunshine as the developers prepare for autumn and winter. So today we are here with a list of This week’s best Android apps you shouldn’t miss!

1. Boxer- Free email inbox app

Boxer App - Free Email Inbox

Boxer Calendar is a new calendar application from the same developers who launched Boxer E-mail. The calendar app itself is quite simple, with multiple viewing options, material design, widgets, theme options and customization and help for Google and Exchange calendars. Its main The feature is the facility to quickly send your availability to almost anyone, although this requires the use of Boxer Email.

2) Kodi


Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, came out of beta last month and is now an independent release on the Google Play Store. Kodi is a complete media center application that allows you to play all media and install third plugins for additional functionality.

3) Microsoft Hyper lapse

Microsoft Hyper Lapse

Microsoft Hyper-lapse received a lot of press in the last month, thanks to its somewhat unique functionality. This application captures many images in quick succession and joins them together to create a time-lapse video. has From others apps that can do that, but this one does better than most and is a fun little tool in the old apps drawer.

4) WiFiMapper

Wifi mapper

This is an application that helps you find WiFi access points for you to connect. This is great for those who don’t have a home web or are looking for the internet anywhere. It is a crowdsourcing that allows you to add new hotspots as you find them, if you wish. You can also include the performance of each one to find the Updated 2021: the best to connect.

5) Star Wars

Star wars app

It is probably preparing for the next Star Wars movie. The Star Wars app is intended to act as a hub for all things Star Wars and includes news, updates and news about events. The app also comes with a ton of extra stuff for Star Wars fans, including themes, animated GIFs, weather and more. If you like Star Wars, try it. It’s totally free.

So above, it all comes down This week’s best Android apps you shouldn’t miss! I hope you enjoy it, so don’t forget to share this post with others.